Corfu moto rental services

We are proud here in D&M for being able to assist you whenever and wherever you have a problem. We provide full road assistance with three repair unit trucks for any damage and in case there is a serious engine breakdown we replace your bike with a same one or even a bike from a higher category wherever you are on the island. We also give you maps of the island and crash helmets as well as elastic bands in order to be sure your luggage will remain safe on the bike. We deliver and collect your bike wherever you stay on the island…and of course all the above at NO EXTRA CHARGE !!!


We provide full insurance which includes :

  1. Full coverage of body injuries for third part up to 440.000 euro.
  2. Full coverage for material damage for third part up to 88.000 euro.
  3. Full coverage for material damage of your motorcycle for the amount of its value.
  4. Full coverage for theft or incediarism of your motorcycle for the amount of its value.

Important notice:

Indispensable suppositions for the above insurance coverages are:

  1. The driver to have the appropriate category driving licence for the vehicle.
  2. The driver must not drive under the influence of alcohol.
  3. The driver must drive on asphalted roads.
  4. The driver’s name has to be on the motorcycle contract as a driver of the vehicle.
  5. The driver has to be over 16 years old to ride up to 50cc bikes, over 21 years old for motorcycles from 51cc to 80cc and over 23 years old for motocycles over 80cc.
  6. There must be an indication on the contract for full insurance coverage.
  7. The contract must not be expired for any reason.

All of the above are included in the renting price for a period of 3 days

or more while the customer is being extra charged if the renting duration

is less than 3 days.


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